Shopify & WordPress SEO Services

We meticulously analyze your website to determine its current SEO status. Our team scans through your pages, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for enhancement to ensure optimal performance.

Website Navigation Audit

We’ll evaluate your primary navigation structure to ensure it’s user-friendly. Additionally, we’ll confirm that your crucial pages are appropriately linked. If we identify any areas for improvement, we’ll offer valuable recommendations to enhance the overall user experience.


Site-Wide Technical Audit

We conduct a thorough examination and create a comprehensive inventory of the technical issues affecting your site. Our team then delivers actionable recommendations to address these issues, guiding you toward an improved ranking on search engines.


Website Content Review

We analyze the performance of the content on your website, ensuring that each page serves a distinct purpose, targets relevant keywords, and delivers optimal answers for the queries they rank for on Google. Our goal is to enhance your content strategy for maximum effectiveness.