WordPress & Shopify Audit

Below are specific types of Audits that will help uncover opportunities, optimizations and potential improvements. 

UX/UI Audit

By examining the overall design (UI) of your store and the implementation of features (UX), we will call out areas of opportunity where customers may be getting stuck or experiencing friction.

In addition to finding problem areas, we also identify ideas that may have not been considered. With the results, you’ll have a clear outline of ideas and optimizations to work on.

Speed & Performance Audit

We use a variety of tools to audit your existing website and find areas for speed enhancements and overall performance improvements. We will audit your hosting account, third-party scripts, and image sizes to help increase load time on all devices.

Accessibility Audit

1 in 4 adults in North America & Europe has a disability that impacts their daily activities.

We will make sure your site is ADA-compliant (WCAG.21 AA) to make sure you are inclusive to all users on the web.

Third-Party App/Plugin Audit

During our plugin/app audit, we’ll analyze the third-party tools installed on your store. We’ll then provide recommendations to replace or delete unnecessary apps, as well as identify opportunities to custom code solutions.

The goal is to optimize the store’s performance by lowering reliance on apps to increase page speed. This also helps eliminate recurring fees while the performance improves and increases conversion.

Our Process


We go beyond the surface to uncover untapped opportunities, optimizations, and potential improvements. By identifying areas of opportunity and providing clear outlines for ideas and optimizations, we pave the way for a seamless user experience and enhanced website performance.


Once we understand the specific issues of your website, we can design the right approach to address them. We’ll improve your site by prioritizing and fixing these issues from most important to least important.


After the fixing is done, we’ll monitor and test your site regularly. We offer ongoing support and maintenance so that your site provides the best experience to every visitor.