Privacy Compliance

As a website owner, you must make sure your website works for everyone and you are staying compliant.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions limit a company’s liability. If a user clicks a link to a 3rd party site that is hacked, and then that user gets hacked, a Terms & Conditions helps prevent that business from being sued.

Privacy Policy

If you have any forms on your website or you use Google Analytics (most websites have one or both of these), we can help you take your first step towards privacy compliance with a proper Privacy Policy in place.

Cookie Consent Bar

Give your visitors control over how they are tracked on your website. You’re not only generating a cookie consent solution, but you are also establishing a strategy to keep your policy up to date over time.

Termageddon was founded by a privacy and technology attorney and is our preferred partner. Termageddon provides your website policies (Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc). In addition, Termageddon monitors privacy laws and pushes updates to your policies when these laws change, helping you provide disclosures required by laws, both existing and new.

They can also provide a Cookie Policy,  which properly collects consent from a user before putting cookies on their browser.

Disclaimer: We use Termageddon on our website and are proud reselling partners of their platform. Please note that both Termageddon and Perfect Evolution are not legal service providers. You can use Termageddon and even share access with your attorney if you’d like!