Shopify Retainer

Perfect for merchants who need monthly Shopify Strategy, Design, Development solutions

Why choose a monthly retainer program?

  • If you know that you’ll need ongoing services throughout the year, but don’t want to hire a full-time team, our retainer program is perfect for you.
  • You get a discounted rate compared to our normal hourly rate and a la carte rates.
  • You have peace of mind with a guaranteed amount of work each month.
  • You can easily manage a consistent budget every month by paying a set amount each month for the duration of your contract and don’t have to worry about fluctuating fees.
  • You’ll get access to a professional strategic design and development team without the overhead costs of an employee.

Need more than 40 Hours, no problem!
Let’s chat for some custom pricing.

Looking for a full Shopify Redesign or other Shopify solutions?

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How does this all work?

A retainer fee is a monthly fee. It is paid upfront each month before work is done. You’re paying for time versus a specific service.

Based on the retainer package you select, we will block out our schedule with the appropriate amount of hours each month and plan my workload accordingly. You have peace of mind knowing that you will receive a pre-established amount of work each month.

What type of services can be used in a Shopify monthly retainer?
  • Design – UI/UX Design for Theme component designs (navigation, buttons, fonts, colors, etc),
  • Development – Page development, content updates, etc
  • Strategy – Recommendations on third-party tools to increase conversion, general Shopify Admin training

Please Note: Services do not include logo design or a full-build re-theming of your store. These types of projects will be billed separately.

Do hours carry over to the next month?

No, unused hours expire at the end of each month.

This is to ensure that we can allocate time for your projects each week and plan our workload accordingly.

How long is the commitment?

We have a 3-month minimum commitment. At the end of 3 months, we will re-evaluate the relationship to ensure the number of hours is working for your business needs. From there, we can move to 6, 9, or 12-month commitments.

When will I get invoiced and how I see last months summary?

You will get automatically billed at the beginning of the month.

You will also get a report on the first of every month summarizing the work from last month.

Can you help me re-build or re-theme my Shopify site?

Yes, but not included in these hours. A rebuild/re-theme would be a separate scope of work. Contact us and let us help you!